221 South Nursery Avenue
Purcellville, VA 20132




Eff. 2/1/2022
Open for walk-in service
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Monday - Friday

Payments can be made using the drop box located on the side of the building.

Please call 540-338-7421 for assistance between 8:30am-4:30pm.

Name Title Phone
Krens, Elizabeth Treasurer/Director of Finance 540-338-7093
LeMarr, Connie Assistant Director of Finance 540-338-7093
Werner, Stacy Sr. Accounting Technician 540-338-7093
Hicks, Paula Accounting Manager 540-338-7093
Elgin, Kathy Procurement Specialist 540-338-7093
Jackson, Linda Financial Analyst 540-338-7093
Naimi, Shah Payroll Specialist 540-338-7093
Lawrence, Kellie Accounting Specialist 540-338-7093
Myers, Susan Accounting Technician 540-338-7093
Perkins, Natalie Accounting Technician 540-338-7093