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Application for Special Event Permit


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    1. Purcellville Special Event Application

      Thank you for your interest in hosting an event in the Town of Purcellville. This application will allow you to determine if your program meets the definition of an event for the town and if so, it will allow the Town to review your event and gather details such as time, date, location, and crowd size. The need for Town services, such as police service or street closures will also be evaluated. Once these services are evaluated, you will be given an estimate of costs associated with your event for the Town to provide these services. Prior to your event and as a condition of obtaining your event permit the event organizer must pay the estimate and a 10% contingency. After the event is completed, the Town will determine any cost discrepancies and issue a refund or an invoice for remaining costs. In addition to this application please visit the Loudoun County website at the link below and fill out the event information form. This will ensure that your event does not conflict with any other events and gets any required county resources. Please feel free to contact the Town Parks and Recreation Division Manager at 540-751-2350 with any questions.

    2. Organizer/Primary Contact Information

    3. 12. Is the sponsoring organization for-profit, non-profit, or a government agency?*

    4. Please upload a copy of your business license or proof of your non-profit status. If you do not have this, you may forward it at a later time.

    5. General Event Information