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Crime Prevention Survey Request

  1. This form is for requesting a Crime Prevention Survey by a CPTED certified officer, provided by the Purcellville Police Department. Information submitted on this form will be sent via email to the following PPD staff members: Operations Lieutenant, Administrative Lieutenant, and the CPTED Officers. * Indicates Required Field/Information

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    Preventing crime is dependent upon the application of the recommendations of the assessor. To deviate from the recommendation or to apply partially the recommendation reduces the potential for success.  

    This Crime Prevention Survey does not address code violations or other safety issues. While every effort has been made to incorporate reasonable means to reduce the opportunities for criminal activities to occur, there is no expressed or implied guarantee that no criminal activity will take place if the recommendations are implemented fully or partially. 

    The recommendations for improvement are based on CPTED principles that are widely accepted in the security, law enforcement, and architectural fields. Recommendations should not be viewed as a guarantee or being capable of making the residence/business violence proof, burglar proof, robbery proof, theft proof, or crime proof.  They will, however, reduce the probability of losses occurring if properly applied and maintained.

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