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  1. STAR Nomination Form
  2. STAR Awards ☀ should be evaluated based on an “Achieve Together” criteria (shown below). Staff participate in activities throughout the year that contribute to the mission of the town and the goals of their departments. In some cases, the activity rises to the level of a major achievement as part of a big project, in other cases, a staff member engages in a sustained effort to take responsibility for professional development in an area that adds value to his or her work and results in a significant improvement in their department or contributed to the department’s achievement of a broader goal.  

  3. Whatever the contribution being recognized, it should reflect at least one of the Achieve Together criteria:

    ☀  Collaboration - Enhances individual work by soliciting contributions from others and enhances others’ work by contributing to their success to more effectively meet department goals.

    ☀  Goal Accomplishment - Achieves individual goals that contribute to department priorities.

    ☀  Inclusion & Belonging – Demonstrates respect for people and their differences, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, country of origin, cultural, political, religious, or other affiliations. Understands the benefits of a diverse workforce, is trusted and respected by others, includes and welcomes others, and works to understand the perspective of others.

    ☀  Innovation - Uses knowledge, skills, and professional experience to seek efficiencies and improve work outcomes.

    Job Mastery - Demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities that result in high performance and contributions within the scope of the employee’s job description.

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