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Streetlight Issue Form

  1. For Emergency Streetlight Issues – If the streetlight issue is a threat to public welfare and safety such as a downed pole or a broken lamp with glass, plastic and/or metal on the street and/or sidewalk please call 540-338-7700 – (24 hours a day) and a Loudoun County dispatcher will answer your call in order to notify the appropriate personnel. For all other emergencies call 911.

  2. For Non-Emergency Streetlight Issues fill out the following form:

  3. Streetlight Issue: *

  4. Most Streetlights are located on a utility or other pole with identification numbers. Please provide the pole numbers if available and it is safe to do so.

  5. Please note that not all streetlights in Town are the responsibility of the Town. Streetlights located in shopping centers, certain private communities, private property and the facilities of other jurisdictions are the responsibility of the owner.

  6. If you do not have a contact phone number or email address please call the Town Hall at 540-338-7421 to report a streetlight issue.
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