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Personal Property Bill Dispute Request

  1. Information on Town Taxes
    All Town of Purcellville taxes are based on assessments provided by Loudoun County. For questions regarding your assessments, please contact the Loudoun County Commissioner of Revenue at 703-777-0260. Personal property registered in the Town of Purcellville are subject to town tax in addition to Loudoun County tax. Town services and operations are not funded by Loudoun County. Town taxes support general services such as street maintenance, sidewalks, police service, trash/recycling service, building and zoning enforcement, economic development and parks and recreation.
  2. The Town of Purcellville does not prorate tax. Any vehicle registered in the Town of Purcellville as of January 1 of any tax year will be subject to taxes and vehicle license fee for the full year.
  3. Disputing a tax bill:
    If PRIOR to the current tax year you sold, traded, junked or disposed of a vehicle: You MUST notify the Loudoun County Commissioner of Revenue at 703-777-0260 to have the vehicle removed from our tax records. Once you complete and submit the dispute form, the Town will confirm the status of your vehicle with Loudoun County and follow up with you.
  4. Note: With the busy tax season please allow 5 days for staff to research with the County and to respond back to you.
  5. If you have any documentation supporting your dispute (ex: vehicle registration in another jurisdiction) please scan & attach here. You do NOT need to scan a copy of your bill in dispute- the Town has that on file already.
  6. Acknowledgment*
    Disputing a bill will not relieve the customer from payment of tax and applicable penalties and interest if Loudoun County deems the tax applicable.
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