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Council Forms

  1. Community Policing Advisory Committee Contact Form

    Contact form for the Community Policing Advisory Committee (CPAC)

  2. Council Request Form
  3. Planning Commission Contact Form

    Contact form for the Planning Commission

  4. Ribbon Cutting Request Form

    Thank you for your interest in hosting a Ribbon Cutting in Purcellville. Please complete and submit the form at least 2 weeks prior to... More…

  1. Council Contact Form
  2. Economic Development Advisory Committee Contact Form

    Contact form for the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)

  3. Request to Speak Form

    Please complete this form if you would like to speak at the next Town Council Meeting during the Citizen/Business Comments portion of... More…

Customer Forms

  1. Business Directory Information Form

    This is a form where a business can add/modify/delete information to be contained in the Town of Purcellville's Online Business... More…

  2. Contact Form
  3. FOIA Request Form

    This is a form for citizens to submit a request for public records subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

  4. Personal Property Bill Dispute Request

    This is a form to dispute a bill.

  5. Public Comments on Proposed Budget

    This is a form where you can provide comments to the Town Council on the Proposed Budget.

  6. Train Station Rental Application
  1. Citizen Issue//Concern Form

    This form allows you to submit issues with utilities, streets, streetlights, tall grass, trash/recycling, or other community issues.


    The repayment plan allows utility customers additional time to pay their balance as a result of financial hardship from the COVID-19... More…

  3. Payment Plan for Delinquent Utility Bill

    This is a form to request a payment plan for a delinquent utility bill.

  4. Police Department Contact Form
  5. Streetlight Issue Form

HR Forms


    Use this form for payroll prior period adjustments

Parks and Rec Forms

  1. 2022 Hail to the Trail Registration

    Participate in the 2022 Hail to the Trail! Share information about your non-profit and lead a fun hands-on activity for families. The... More…

  1. Application for Special Event Permit

PPD Forms

  1. Compliment Form

    This form is for filing a compliment regarding an officer’s or other employee's, conduct or the level of service, provided by the... More…

  2. Funeral Escort Request

    The Purcellville Police Department requires 48-hours advanced notice for any funeral escort. Once your online form is submitted, you... More…

  3. Serialized Inventory
  4. Traffic Complaint Form

    This form is in place to allow community members the opportunity to alert the Purcellville Police Department to potential traffic... More…

  1. Crime Prevention Survey Request

    This form is for requesting a Crime Prevention Survey by a CPTED certified officer, provided by the Purcellville Police Department.... More…

  2. Report Aggressive Driving Form

    This form is only for reporting aggressive driving incidents, which took place within the Town of Purcellville. Information submitted... More…

  3. Service Complaint Form

    This form is for filing a complaint against an officer or other staff member of the Purcellville Police Department. Information... More…

Purcellville Arts Council

  1. 2022 Jim "Doc" Wiley Leadership in the Arts Award Nomination Form

    This annual award, initiated in 2018, recognizes outstanding, sustained contributions to the arts and culture in the greater... More…

  2. Artist Application to Display at Purcellville Town Hall

    The Purcellville Arts Council is looking for local artists interested in exhibiting their work at Purcellville Town Hall. Please submit... More…

  1. 2022 Purcellville Artisan Tour

    The Purcellville Artisan Tour will be held this year on November 5 and 6, from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. The Purcellville Arts... More…