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Posted on: September 23, 2022

News Release - Police Incidents Report 9/23/22

NEWS RELEASE                                                                             Contact:  Major Dave Dailey

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PURCELLVILLE, Va. September 23, 2022 


09/16/22          10:28 a.m.       500 Block of Skyline Drive                              Narcotics Violation 


The complainant noticed that a tent had been erected adjacent to the trail behind her residence. She called police, and responding officers contacted two subjects, in various stages of undress, as a prelude to amorous activity. Both subjects, know to the officers, were 18 years of age. They also noted the smell of burning marijuana. Additionally, prescription medicine, prescribed to neither, was in the tent and in the purse of one of the subjects. The subjects gathered their belongings and departed from the area. Charges are pending based on laboratory testing results.


09/16/22          7:33 p.m.         700 Block of E. Main Street                            Domestic Dispute


A man, his girlfriend and their one-week old child were in the parking lot of 7-11 arguing about custody agreement, as they are not married. The stressed-out mom, took this to mean that he was trying to take away her baby. The parties were separated and spoke individually with police. After highly charged emotions abated, the parties reunited and agreed to go home, give each other space and revisit the conversation when both were in a better state of mind.  


09/16/22          8:33 p.m.         761 E. Main Street                                          Larceny 


A customer reported to management that several empty product packages were found in the women’s restroom. The manger reported to police that earlier in the day, a large group of teens were in the store and several attempted to conceal merchandise. The total value of the products missing from the empty packages was $280.82. The investigating officer is awaiting store review of the video system to see if a suspect can be identified.  


09/16/22          9:41 p.m.         Berlin Turnpike @Harry Byrd Hwy               DUI, Hit and Run


Officers responding for a crash discovered that the at-fault driver had fled the scene on Foot. A lookout was broadcast and a deputy from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office located the suspect near Patrick Henry College. He was positively identified as the driver of at-fault vehicle. He reeked of alcoholic beverage, but complained of various and changing injuries and thusly was transported to the Hospital for medical evaluation. Upon discharge, he was transported to the Adult Detention Center, where it was discovered that the suspect’s license had been previously suspended for a DUI. He was charged with felony Hit and Run, DUI and Driving on a Revoked License. 


09/17/22          7:45 a.m.         Ken Culbert Lane @ Maple Flats Terrace      Suspicious Incident      


The complainant reported that periodically, he sees a pelican case chained to a tree. He added that a microphone protrudes from the case. He took a photo of the case, which was shared with the police, as the case was not there when police were called. Anyone with information about this device is asked to call Sergeant Paul Kakol at 540-338-7422 x 2118.





9/18/22             6:26 p.m.         100 Block of Newkirk Terrace                        Check the Welfare       


At the request of a concerned acquaintance, police responded to a home to check on the mental wellbeing of the resident. Officers spoke with a subject who was rational and not experiencing mental duress. No additional police intervention was necessary.  


9/19/22             4:29 p.m.         300 Block of S. 12th Street                               Disorderly Conduct     


A caretaker for an elderly patient, who was terminated by her employer for reporting allegedly shady business practices, refused to leave her assignment, until paid by her now former employer. The employee had come from Texas and had nowhere else to go. After rather lengthy negotiations, the employer paid the employee and made vehicle and flight arrangements to return her to Texas. At no point was the elderly patient neglected.  


9/20/22             1:24 a.m.         37000 Block of Wexford Place                          Domestic Assault         


A woman was locked out of her home by her husband following a verbal dispute over allegations of infidelity. She called police, who responded and interviewed both parties. Both denied any type of physical altercation and there were no signs of injury on either party. Both agreed to remain separate in the residence


At 8:48 a.m., officers returned to the residence, where they observed a man in a vehicle backing from the driveway. The driver stopped and exited the vehicle, whereupon the officers noted that his shirt was torn and he had various scratches on his neck and arms. Officers learned that in the morning, the two had resumed the argument from last evening and that the woman had assaulted her husband. She was arrested and transported to the Adult Detention Center, where she was booked for Domestic Assault and Battery. 


9/20/22             1:49 p.m.                     On-Line                                               Fraud   


The complainant received an e-mail, purportedly from the Pay Pal security department, about two “fraudulent” charitable donations. The victim called the hucksters, who then gained access to his computer. Unbeknownst to the victim, the scammers were able to move money from his savings account, into his checking account, and told him that the money in his checking account was from a fraudulent transaction. He became suspicious and started to question them and eventually contacted his credit union and shut down his computer. He discovered that all of his money was still accounted for. Due to a prior credit intrusion, the victim had a credit freeze on his accounts via the big three credit bureaus. 


9/21/22             7:47 p.m.         300 Block of Old Dominion Lane                    Drunk in Public            


An intoxicated male called 911 and mumbled that he needed an ambulance. Responding officers located that man as he staggered around on Old Dominion Lane. He told officers that he was waiting for his father to pick him up. Officers called his father but received no answer. He was placed in handcuffs and transported to Rescue 14, where he refused to allow medics to check him. Onward to the jail, where he promptly fell asleep in the cell. He was ordered held until sober.  


 9/22/22           7:47 p.m.         700 Block of E. Main Street                Suspicious Person        


A caller reporting an aggressive driver realized that the man behind the wheel had been seen previously removing scrap metal from the dumpster of her business. Although no crime had been committed on that occasion, the subject has a history of theft of scrap metal. The information was shared with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office for situational awareness. 


9/22/22            4:37 p.m.         100 Block of N. 16th Street                   Destruction of Property           


A subject who had been evicted from an apartment returned and is believed to have damaged several walls by punching holes into them with a mallet. The maintenance supervisor also discovered a towel stuck in the drain of the bathtub with the water running. The water was turned off before the tub overflowed. The investigation is on-going. 



Officers also responded to the following calls for service:


911 Calls




Assist Other Agency/Fire/Rescue


Check the Welfare


Citizen Assist


Civil Complaint


Community Policing 


Domestic Dispute


DUI Lookout


Follow-Up Investigations


Funeral Escort




Information Only


Juvenile Complaint


Keep the Peace




Other Police Complaint


Reckless Driver Lookout


Road Rage/Traffic Altercation


Special Duty


Suspicious Activity


Traffic Complaint/Hazard




In addition, officers also conducted the following:


Building Check


Directed Patrol


Foot Patrol


Traffic Stops



The Town of Purcellville, Virginia

“Purcellville-your small Town, where history and progress intersect and people prosper,” is an award-winning town of approximately 10,000 residents located in Loudoun County, approximately 50 miles west of Washington, DC. Having received the 2021 Virginia Municipal League Innovation Award for Environmental Sustainability and in years past, the prestigious Siemens Sustainability Award for Small Communities, Purcellville continues to be honored for innovation and green initiatives.  The Town most recently received the Tree City USA Award for the 14th consecutive year. The Town was reaffirmed as a AAA rated community by S&P Global Ratings, the highest credit rating possible, and was ranked “Safest City” in Virginia in 2020. Once a stop along the W&OD rail line, which has been converted to a multi-use trail from Alexandria, VA to Purcellville, the Town has maintained its historic old-town feel through the restoration and maintenance of its many downtown structures, reflecting the Victorian architecture popular during the early 1900s. Today, Purcellville is the economic hub of western Loudoun County and a popular weekend destination for antiquing, equestrian activities, farmer’s markets, wineries, breweries, distilleries and restaurants. More info at


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