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Posted on: November 20, 2020

News Release - Police Incidents Report 11.20.2020

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PURCELLVILLE, VA., November 20, 2020



11/13/20          3:24 p.m.         1020 E. Main Street                                       Overdose


Officers responded to Velocity Wings for a report of an unconscious male. Upon arrival, the first officer found a 25 year old male, on the floor, with a pulse and breathing normally, but otherwise unresponsive. The manager reported that the subject drank two beers and went to the bathroom. Upon his return, he fell unconscious to the floor.  Medics were on scene and administered one does of Narcan, reviving the subject, who denied using narcotics. Exclusive of the medical emergency, no other evidence of narcotic use was found. 


11/13/20          6:48 p.m.         100/200 Block of Maple Ave                          Civil Matter


Two neighbors with a history of disagreements each called the police to complain about their respective neighbor. The first caller reported that she was turning into her driveway, but slowed and pulled over to allow her neighbor and dog to pass safely.  She said that without warning the neighbor hit the driver’s side window with a plastic bag filled with dog waste. The caller exited her car and yelled at the other party, who fled into her own house next door.  The dog walker alleged that the woman driving the car, struck her dog.  The original caller had both a dash cam and a security camera on her house, but neither captured the complete incident.   The original caller responded to the magistrate and obtained an emergency protective order against her neighbor.    


11/14/20          4:48 p.m.         120 Purcellville Gateway                               Hit and Run


The complainant reported that at approximately 12:30 p.m., her parked vehicle was stuck by an unknown vehicle, resulting in damage to the rear driver’s side quarter panel. The complaint was shopping at the time and did not see the incident.  There were no security cameras facing that particular part of the parking lot.   


11/15/20          5:04 p.m.         600 Block of Dominion Terrace                     Suspicious Incident 


A caller reported that an unknown subject was shooting a rifle in the apartment complex. Officers arrived and found a man holding paper targets. He reported that he was target shooting with a pellet rifle, which was located in his car.  Unaware that this was a violation of Town Code, he apologized and indicated that in the future he would shoot his pellet gun elsewhere.    


11/16/20          8:48 p.m.         100 Block of N. 21st Street                             Drunk in Public


An Uber driver called and reported that an intoxicated passenger refused to exit his vehicle. Upon arrival, officers found a woman, matching the description of the intoxicated subject previously ensconced in the ride-share, walking with an ataxic gait on 21st Street. When asked by officers how much alcohol she consumed, she answered one drink, which was completely incongruent with what they discovered using sense of sight and smell.   The officers placed the woman under arrest for being drunk in public.


Arrested was Shamir Ridley, 35, of Purcellville, VA  


11/18/20          10:59 a.m.       Town of Purcellville                                       Mental Health Crisis


Officers responded to a location in Town for the report of a teen in the midst of a mental health crisis. Upon arrival, the first arriving officer found a teen who professed a desire to die.  The officer was able to converse with the teen and later a parent, and develop a plan in which the teen was transported voluntarily to the Crisis Intervention Team Assessment Center.   


Officers also responded to the following calls for service:



911 Call/Hang Up




Animal Complaint


Assist Fire/EMS/Other agency


Civil Complaint




Follow-up investigation


Found Property 


Information Only


Juvenile Complaint


Keep the Peace




Other Police Complaint


Parking Violation


Protective Order


Reckless Driver 


Road Rage Lookout 


Suspicious Person/Vehicle/Event


Traffic Compliant /Hazzard/Malfunction


Warrant Service


In addition, officers also conducted the following:


Building Check


Directed Patrol


Foot Patrol


Traffic Stops



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