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Posted on: July 31, 2020

News Release - Police Incidents Report 07.31.2020

NEWS RELEASE                                                                   Contact:  Deputy Chief Dave Dailey

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PURCELLVILLE, VA., July 31, 2020

07/24/20          12:40 p.m.       441 E. Main Street                                         Trespassing

The property owner found what appeared to be a makeshift encampment on his property. Officers responded and at the request of the complainant, two people were served with trespassing notices. Additionally, officers provided them with links to social service support services.

07/24/20          3:39 p.m.         205 N. Hirst Road                                          Trespassing


The building owner found three people, two men and one woman laying of the sidewalk adjacent to his building.  At the owner’s request, the three were served with trespassing notices.  The woman was provided with information regarding available social services. The men were not as they had been given the material during a prior encounter with the police. 

07/24/20          9:43 p.m.         600 Block of Wintergreen Drive                    Civil Complaint


The complaint reported that a bag of his clothing, which had been left at the home of his ex-girlfriend, appeared on his front lawn in a trash bag.  He opened the bag and found wet clothing that smelled of urine. A birthday greeting was left in the bag.  The officer located the ex at her place of work and she denied knowledge of the incident, reporting that she had been at work all day.  The officer advised the complainant to wash the clothing to determine if anything was permanently damaged.

07/27/20          7:53 p.m.         1000 E. Main Street                                       Found Property

An employee of Casa Tequila found a pocketbook in the parking lot near the restaurant. The investigating officer identified an address for the owner, responded, found no one home and left a note requesting contact. At 9:48 p.m. the property owner contacted the police and she was reunited with her wallet.  


07/28/20          9:33 a.m.         509 E. Skyline Drive                                       Larceny of Water


An anonymous complainant called to report that a pick-up truck was taking water from a hydrant. The responding officer found two employees filling two large barrels of water. A Fairfax water meter was attached to a town fire hydrant.  The men were hired by the HOA to power wash fences in the common area of the community. Contact was made with the company owner who reported to Town Hall and paid for the water and associated fine for unlawfully taking water from a Town of Purcellville Hydrant.  

It is illegal to remove water from a Town of Purcellville hydrant. Anyone observing a theft of water is asked to immediately call 703-777-1021 to report the theft.  A Town resident reporting the theft is eligible to receive a $50.00 credit on their next water bill. 


07/28/20          9:00 p.m.         1020 E. Main Street                                      Assault


The victim was securing a tarp on her vehicle when an unknown male offered to assist. She accepted, the tarp was secured and the two engaged in conversation. Without warning the man, reached out, pulled the complainants face towards his, stating that he was going to kiss her. She pulled away, closed and locked the door to her vehicle and drove to her place of employment in the shopping center.  The man followed on foot and waited nearby.  A co-worker of the victim offered to move her car closer to the building. As she did, the subject approached the car, but left, possibly after realizing that it was not the victim driving the car.

The suspect returned later that evening with a homemade meal and a note with his address. He had a drink at the bar, speaking with the manager, while watching the victim.  He left with no further interaction.

As the victim was leaving for school the following morning, she declined prosecution at this time.  Officers interviewed the suspect, who reported that he “misread” her interest level and that he would initiate no further contact.    At the request of the restaurant manager, a trespass notices was completed and the suspect will be barred pending service.


07/30 /20         9:42 a.m.         1000 E. Main Street                                       Threats


A woman who had been living in a makeshift camp with two men, was invited to move back home with her family. She left her belongings at the camp and when she contacted the men, they sent her text, threatening to cause her harm if she returned. She indicated that she would be returning at the beginning of August. The officer advised her to call upon her arrival so that police could be present when she retrieves her belongings.  The Police had two prior encounters with the subjects during the week.

07/30 /20         9:42 a.m.         Berlin Turnpike at Harry Byrd Highway       Hit and Run

The victim, reported that she was stopped on the ramp from E. bound Harry Byrd Highway to Berlin Turnpike when her vehicle was bumped slightly from behind. The driver left when traffic began to move. She described the vehicle only as a dark colored SUV. Black paint was located on the rear bumper of the victim’s car.  

07/30/20          11:43 a.m.       Yaxley Drive at Kinvarra Place                    Noise Complaint


The complainant reported that construction was beginning prior to 7:00 a.m. at a nearby construction site.  The responding officer spoke to the contractor who reported that he will speak to the subcontractors who started early.

07/30/20          2:03 pm.          200 Block of Grassy Ridge Terrace                          Threats


The complainant ended a relationship in 2019 with an abusive ex-boyfriend who resides in the Hampton Roads area.  As he was homeless at the time, she kept two dogs that they adopted as a couple. Subsequently, her parents have been paying for the care and feeding of the dogs. The complainant received a text from the ex-boyfriend, a purported member of the Crips gang, stating that he was armed and driving to Purcellville to get the dogs.  While police were present, the victim received multiple text messages, and came to believe that the suspect was not coming.  

The responding officer gave the family some home security tips and put out a request for extra patrols from both the Purcellville Police and the Sheriff’s Office. 

07/30/20          4:07 p.m.         Town of Purcellville                           Mental Health Crisis


Parents called because their 14 year old autistic son was upset that they had taken away his video game as punishment for not cleaning his room.  The responding officer gently knocked on the son’s door and was given permission to enter. The officer sat down and spoke to the young man, who verified what his parents had said.  He was calm and expressed no desire to harm himself and wanted to take a nap as he reported that he gets sleepy after an episode. 

The officer spoke to the parents who said they call the police for assistance, as they are afraid that their son is becoming too physically strong for them and that the police encounters have always been positive. 

As the situation was clam, no further action was required.

07/30/20          8:06 p.m.         200 Block of 21st Street                                              Welfare Check


Officers were dispatched to a check the welfare call near the train station at the Wand OD trail. The reporting party, who was calling from Ivanhoe, Virginia, was concerned for her son who suffers from autism and bipolar disorder. The son called his mother prior to our call, upset because he could not find a hotel or find a place to charge his electric bike.

The officers arrived on scene and made contact with the son, who was sitting under the patio south of 200 N 21st St. He was calm and did not seem upset or agitated. He had been riding his electric bike for the past 16 days traveling as far as Pittsburg, PA, camping and sightseeing before making his way south to Purcellville. He explained he was concerned for his electric bike since it was raining earlier and he could not charge it. They assisted him in finding a hotel and he called the officers to confirm that he safely made it and checked into his hotel.

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Officers also responded to the following complaints:

911 Hang up/Open Line




Animal Complaint




Assist Fire/EMS


Automobile Crash


Check the Welfare


Child Lost or Found


Citizen/Public Assist


Civil Complaint


Disabled Vehicle




Domestic Disputes


Drunk in Public




Emotionally Disturbed Person


Follow-up investigation


Found Property


Hit and Run


Information Only


Juvenile Complaint


Keep the Peace




Lost Property


Missing Person


Narcotics Complaint


Noise Complaint




Parking Complaint-Enforcement




Reckless Driver


Suspicious Person/Vehicle/Event


Threats (Verbal/Written)


Traffic Hazard




Violation of Court Order


Warrant/Summons Service



In addition, officers also conducted the following:

Building Check


Directed Patrol


Foot Patrol


Traffic Stops


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