Burglary Prevention - Personal Property Log

Property Identification - If you are the victim of a burglary, it is important that you know the serial numbers of the items stolen. Without the positive identification made possible by a serial number or a unique number, which you may engrave or mark on your property, you may not be able to prove you are the rightful owner if the item is recovered from the thief.

Take a few minutes and record the description, serial numbers and value of those items, which are most likely to be stolen. Many of them are listed for you on the Personal Property Log Form below. If you have valuable jewelry, silver, antiques or art objects take color photographs and note any marks, blemishes or features that make it uniquely identifiable. Keep your property log form and photographs with your insurance papers or in another safe place.

Please download the Personal Property Log Form (PDF), note serial numbers, model numbers, make and model information and keep the form in a safe place.