School Pickup and Drop Off Safety Rules

Rule #1: Do NOT get out of your car. Simply wait for your child to arrive. Stay in your car and when the car in front of you moves, you move.

Rule #2: Follow all school signage and staff directions. They are there for safety reasons and make pickup and drop off as safe and easy as possible. Please adhere to signs that indicate where the pick-up/drop-off zone begins.

Rule # 3: Obey all local speed limits in school zones. This is often no more than 15 to 20 miles per hour on nearby roads and 5 miles per hour in parking lots and pick up zones. Use turn signals when entering and leaving the pick up areas and check blind spots carefully.

Rule #4: Put down the cellphone. Don’t text or type emails. Waiting for your kid in your empty (and wonderfully quiet) car seems like the perfect opportunity to catch up on work. People on their phones don’t notice the car in front of them has moved or not moved.

Rule #5: Don’t double park. Maybe you’re thinking “I’ll just pull up alongside this nice lady here and my kid can run out in front of her and jump in.” No. “But I see my kid right there!” Good. Then you can wave at them to meet you at the end of the line when you circle back around the block.

Rule #6: DON’T cut the line. Everyone is waiting for them to get off their phone and move up.

Rule #7: Yield to pedestrians, crossing guards, and buses; and be aware that children who are walking home may not look both ways before venturing across a parking lot or pick up lane.

Rule #8: Once students are in the car, make sure their seat belts are fastened immediately. Injuries can occur even from slow-moving crashes and fender benders, particularly for young children.

Rule #9: Move swiftly. Do not dally once students have been picked up/dropped off - other parents are eager to pick up/drop off their children, and moving quickly and efficiently can help keep the traffic flow more consistent.

 Rule # 10: Stay in designated pick up areas as directed by school personnel. Do not arrange to pickup students on side streets, staff parking lots, or other areas that may not be as safe.