FOIA Request Log 

For transparency purposes, all FOIA requests submitted to the Town for the current fiscal year are posted below.
FOIA # Date Received Requestor Request
FY20-001 7/12/19 Donna Elliott Most recent cover sheet,  plans and ROW data sheets for Main/Maple Intersection Improvements Phase 2
FY20-002 7/17/19 Amy Rogers Emails/communications between Mayor, Council and Sue Ross, LVHS Principal
FY20-003 7/19/19 Jimmy Reynolds Printed copies of all docs from PC meetings from 6/20, 6/27, 7/11 and 7/18
FY20-004 7/19/19 Valerie Cury Correspondence/emails to/from Town concerning Warner property from 5/18/19-7/18/19
FY20-005 7/19/19 Valerie Cury Correspondence/emails regarding any demolitoin of buildings on Hatcher from 6/28/19-7/18/19
FY20-006 7/23/19 Kevin Archer Police records
FY20-007 7/26/19 Stephanie Sloan Police records
FY20-008 7/29/19 John Nave Detailed report showing all law suits the Town has been involved with over 15 years 
FY20-009 8/14/19 Dorothy Ivey Police records
FY20-010 8/19/19 Donna Elliott Most recent cover sheet, plans and ROW data sheets for Main/Maple Intersection Improvements Phase 2
FY20-011 9/10/19 Jacqueline Kramer Police records
FY20-012 9/17/19 Pat Nevins Map of roundabout as you enter the circle to include a quarter mile of each of the streets leading into the circle
FY20-013 9/30/19 Jimmy Reynolds Maps and change matrices for the focus of Town Council discussions
FY20-014 9/27/19 Patrick Szabo Nichols property appraisal
FY20-015 10/3/19 Claire Hsieh Towns 2019 public service tax rolls that are valued by the State VA Electric & Power Co. Tax bills with name, address, parcel ID, tax valuation, tax amount due and payment due date
FY20-016 10/16/19 Ami Neiberger Complaints filed against homeowner at 150 S. Maple Ave.
FY20-017 10/10/19 Patrick Szabo Documents Council had at 10/9 TC special meeting regarding the water CIP risk analysis (withdrew)
FY20-018 10/23/19 Valerie Cury Copy of questions submitted to Acre
FY20-019 10/29/19          Bev Chiasson Questions from Fitch to staff
FY20-020 10/31/19 Trisha Davidson Tax bills for certain parcels

FY20-021 11/8/19 Valerie Cury Chapman property Info. as presented at the 11/7/19 Planning Commission Meeting
FY20-022 11/12/19 Karen Graham Emails from 4/1/18 - 11/12/19 
FY20-023 11/12/19 Valerie Cury Letter that went out regarding data breach
FY0-024   11/12/19 data related to data breach
FY20-025 11/12/19 Loretta Duvall 2019 PSC property tax bills for each corp. due 12/5/19 & any supplemental assessed bills for a state assessed property for VA Electric & Power Co.