FOIA Request Log - for transparency purposes, all FOIA requests submitted to the town are posted below. 

FY24 Requests

Date Requested Requestor Document(s) Requested
7/20/23 Bev Chiasson Letter from Town Manager to County RE: removal of NCR from plans
7/20/23 Bev Chiasson Amount paid to Town Attorney from 3/1-7/15/23
7/24/23 Rhea Mae Lumanog Records pertaining to Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Utility Coordination & 
Related Services Task Order Contract EN-2023-07
7/25/23 Valerie Cury copy of citizen comments from P. Orentas
7/27/23 Hanna Pampaloni Copy of any letters from staff or Council to the County requesting the NCR be removed
from the County Transportation Plan
8/21/23 Sally Gillette Emails regarding bonds
9/12/23 Karen Graham Copy of Town Manager's employment agreement
9/14/23 Bev Chiasson Copy of Town Manager's employment agreement
9/14/23 Hanna Pampaloni Copy of Town Manager's employment agreement
9/21/23 Valerie Cury Copy of previous and current Town Manager's employment agreements
10/9/23 Ed Neham Coy of letter sent by the Town to the County regarding removal of NCR from Plan
10/11/23 Bev Chiasson Planning Commission's proposed correspondence to VDOT and the Governor
10/11/23 Valerie Cury Copy of slide presented by Ron Rise Sr. at 10/10/23 Council meeting
10/12/23 Hanna Pampaloni Plans submitted by LCPS regarding Woodgrove High School access road
10/13/23 Bev Chiasson Attorney's response to CM Bennett's questions about expiration of Vineyard Square permits