FOIA Request Log - for transparency purposes, all FOIA requests submitted to the town are posted below. 

FY22 Requests

Date Requested Requestor Request
1/31/22 Bev Chiasson Staff reports generated regarding Certified Local Govt; emails to/from staff and from Council to PC from 10/2020-1/31/22 regarding CLG
1/31/22 Ryan Cool List of businesses, non-profits, non-governmental groups that has received taxpayer funds from prior Coronavirus relief from town and the amount planned and what businesses are asking for funds/how much in this new round
1/31/22 Ryan Cool Correspondence from Town Manager or Director of Finance to any staff or Council member that includes "rate manipulation" over the past 5 years
2/2/22 Angela Chrisp Property Records 
2/7/22 Heather Steele Emails between Mayor and Ms. Maxwell relative to property or neighboring property owned by Drohan/Tipton; correspondence relative to the Town ROW between the two properties
2/7/22 Amber Johnson Police records
2/10/22 Bev Chiasson emails/reports/records of meetings for the past 60 days regarding hub use on Pullen property
2/10/22 Bev Chiasson copy of contract between town and PVRF for purchase of FF, Haske, Bush Tabernacle
2/22/22 Karen Graham Emails regarding Purcellville-Franklin Park-Round Hill Trail 2/1-2/22
3/30/22 Bev Chiasson Amount collected by SAE from Town since contract was negotiated in 2018
4/1/22 Emily Lesher Property Records for 140 S. Nursery Ave.
4/11/22 Valerie Cury Correspondence to/from ZoneCo to/from any town email address for past 3 weeks
4/18/22 Emily Lesher Property Records 
4/26/22 Jason Grace Records pertaining to Vineyard Square
5/24/22 Valerie Cury Town Attorney texts and emails to/from Sean Suder on May 5
5/25/22 Bev Chiasson Availabilities report mentioned in 5/24 Council meeting
5/31/22 Ronald Rise Town permitting documentation for above ground pools on Heronwood and Dunridge
6/1/22 Brian Lynch personnel info.
6/7/22 Angel Tormis Copies of all active leases/licenses for cell tower, rooftop antennas or other wireless installations on property owned by town
6/23/22 Tom Priscilla Documentation of Planning Commission approval of the proposed Vineyard Square development
6/30/22 Henry Harting Loudoun Park and Ride Statement of Justification; Loudoun County Categorical Exclusion
7/13/22 Valerie Cury Copy of email from Judy Burkett
7/20/22 Ryan Cool Back up data that supports CM Grewe's comment that the town has lost 90 businesses
7/25/22 Tom Pricscilla Agreement with Service Line Warranties of America
7/28/22 Valerie Cury CM Williams comments read into the record for CM Rayner
7/30/22 Ryan Cool Plan that CM Rayner promised to produce to help fill vacant buildings with businesses
8/3/22 Stephen Clough Job descriptions for Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk
8/19/22 Michael Jarvis Name of individuals and organizations who have private wells in town
9/6/22 Valerie Cury Copy of agreement between Town and SAE for Bush Tabernacle
10/5/22 Bev Chiasson Details for check issued to Mayor Fraser
10/5/22 Joseph Lucke copies of documents concerning any environmental issues at a property in town
10/14/22 Kerry McEntire copies of documents concerning any environmental issues at property in town
11/3/22 Valerie Cury Copy of revised redacted Leadership Analysis
11/10/22 Michael Tuohy Blueprints, floorplans and site maps for 840 E. Main Street
11/15/22 Austin Kirkpatrick Written complaints, photos, videos, voice recordings towards Loudoun Environmental Treatment or 750 S. 20th Street
11/16/22 Bev Chiasson Emails to Ron Rise concerning Lot 74 in Catoctin Meadows and proposed direction the town is asking of the County
11/16/22 Valerie Cury Electronic documents, etc. between Council, staff, County regarding EMST-20-05 Land Development Application Catoctin Meadows Phase 2 Lot 74
11/16/22 Valerie Cury Electronic documents, etc. between Council, staff, County regarding EMST-20-06 Catoctin Meadows Parcel A Phase 2
11/17/22 Mike Kovich Contract for elevator maintenance/vertical transportation
1/3/23 Karen Graham Copy of termination letter for the contract with Shaun Alexander for Bush Tabernacle
1/10/23 Hanna Pampaloni Employee resignation letter
1/12/23 Hanna Pampaloni Copies of citizen comments that were to be read into the record at the 1/10/23 Council meeting
1/18/23 Valerie Cury Emails/texts from senior management to County representatives from January 15th regarding the discussion from the Planning Commission Meeting
1/5/23 Richard Scherzinger Copy of Bush Tabernacle RFP, proposal and final contract
1/25/23 Erin Rayner Emails to/from Council members regarding the special election
1/25/23 Karl Williams Texts & emails from 1/1/23-1/25/23  between current Council members and/or Commission Ogelman pertaining to the appointment of Ron Rise and the election of November 2022 and the special election
2/2/23 Karen Graham Emails from 12/1/22 - 2/2/23 between Council members regarding the special election
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