FOIA Request Log - for transparency purposes, all FOIA requests submitted to the town are posted below. 

FY22 Requests

Date Requested Requestor Request
7/6/21 Karen Graham emails between CM Milan & Council & Planning Commission regarding an application with County from Mr. Kayahn to open an events and restaurant business on Purcellville Rd.
8/2/21 Bev Chiasson total cost to the town to have outside legal counsel attend the closed meeting on 3/27/21
8/4/21 Christopher Hansford emails, msgs, phone logs, notes, memoranda and other docs produced from town staff or received by the town that reference his name and/or his business name (Virginia Citizens Armory or home address from 1/1/19-8/4/21 
8/4/21 Christopher Hansford police records
8/9/21 David Wheeler police records
8/9/21 Rachael Warf police records
8/17/21 Ceila Turner Lease agreement for the mailing equipment
8/25/21 Patrick Pomata police records
8/31/21 Lisa Hawkins Nutrient credit records
9/12/21 Bev Chiasson Emails to or cc: Town Council  from Ryan Cool 9/1/21-9/12/21
9/20/21 Pierre Capel police records
9/21/21 Bev Chiasson Copy of Glass Commerce agreement
10/4/21 Brian Lynch HR information
10/25/21 Marla Clawson Property documents 
10/25/21 Angela Chrisp Property documents 
10/26/21 Crystal Vasquez Property documents 
11/9/21 Jacquelyn Maurer Property documents
12/1/21 Jason Grace Documents pertaining to Chapman & Dooley conversation
12/1/21 Alina McDuffie Property records
12/20/21 Mariya Frye police records
1/31/22 Bev Chiasson Staff reports generated regarding Certified Local Govt; emails to/from staff and from Council to PC from 10/2020-1/31/22 regarding CLG
1/31/22 Ryan Cool List of businesses, non-profits, non-governmental groups that has received taxpayer funds from prior Coronavirus relief from town and the amount planned and what businesses are asking for funds/how much in this new round
1/31/22 Ryan Cool Correspondence from Town Manager or Director of Finance to any staff or Council member that includes "rate manipulation" over the past 5 years
2/2/22 Angela Chrisp Property Records 
2/7/22 Heather Steele Emails between Mayor and Ms. Maxwell relative to property or neighboring property owned by Drohan/Tipton; correspondence relative to the Town ROW between the two properties
2/7/22 Amber Johnson Police records
2/10/22 Bev Chiasson emails/reports/records of meetings for the past 60 days regarding hub use on Pullen property
2/10/22 Bev Chiasson copy of contract between town and PVRF for purchase of FF, Haske, Bush Tabernacle
2/22/22 Karen Graham Emails regarding Purcellville-Franklin Park-Round Hill Trail 2/1-2/22
3/30/22 Bev Chiasson Amount collected by SAE from Town since contract was negotiated in 2018
4/1/22 Emily Lesher Property Records for 140 S. Nursery Ave.
4/11/22 Valerie Cury Correspondence to/from ZoneCo to/from any town email address for past 3 weeks
4/18/22 Emily Lesher Property Records 
4/26/22 Jason Grace Records pertaining to Vineyard Square

FY21 FOIA Requests

Date Requested Requestor Request
7/8/2020 Bev Chiasson Copy of survey results from 32nd and Main
7/14/2020 Valerie Cury Copy of contract with Shawn Alexander Enterprises
7/23/2020 Deidre Kellogg police records
7/28/2020 John Teeft police records
8/7/2020 Valerie Cury Copy of 8 questions from staff to Planning Commissions mentioned in 8/6 meeting
8/13/2020 Bev Chiasson Emails from those that have requested be part of Community Policing Advisory Committee
8/19/2020 Valerie Cury Correspondence, etc. regarding tearing down of houses on Hatcher
8/19/2020 Valerie Cury Correspondence, etc. regarding plans or change in plans for Vineyard Square properties
9/1/2020 Bob Lazaro Sewer influent/effluent flows for July and August
9/3/2020 Casey Chapman Copy of docs requested by anyone regarding Chapman projects
9/17/2020 Emily Coryell Police report
10/3/2020 Patrick Lockhart Policies and procedures for accepting and managing any claims for damages; summary report of all damages from 2010 to present, insurance policies the town has with VRSA

10/6/2020 Brandy Skaddan  Police records
10/30/2020 Jacqueline Johannsen Copy of redacted invoice from AquaLaw
11/12/2020 Casey Chapman Documents/correspondence relating to Hatcher Ave. and the historic district, apartments
11/23/2020 MuckRockNews Police Records
11/30/2020 David Hornbaker Lease agreements on wells with long term leases
1/13/2021 Valerie Cury List of asset inventory noted in 1/12 Council meeting
1/22/2021 Valerie Cury Information on County projects discussed in 1/12 Council meeting
1/28/2021 Hillary Collins Mayfair bond information
1/28/2021 Addy Baird Police records
1/25/2021 Valerie Cury Zoning determinations
2/8/2021 Jeff, Fairfax Septic Business listing that own or maintain grease traps and report to town
2/17/21 Deann Butchko Property Information
2/19/21 Valerie Cury Correspondence to/from staff from Chapman or reps regarding legislation passed in the General Assembly extending time periods to take effect 3/1 and its relation to the Vineyard Sq project from 6/1/20-2/19/21.
2/22/21 Angelilne Cadang Police records
2/23/21 Valerie Cury correspondence to/from the town manager or town council or planning commission from 2/8/2102/22/21 regarding the historic overlay district.
2/23/21 Valerie Cury correspondence/emails to and from the Town Manager and or Town Attorney and or the Planning Dept regarding legislation passed by the GA, specific to 15.2-2209.1.1 Extension of approvals to address COIVD 19 pandemic from 7/1/20-7/23/21.

2/25/21 Peter Philbin Council resolution and amendments dated 12/10/13 for AMAP 1990-0019 and dated 6/10/14 in accordance with rezoning #14-02.
2/25/21 Valerie Cury Comments read into the record at 2/23 Council meeting
2/23/21 Ed Neham Email referenced at 2/23 Council meeting provided by Bev Chiasson
3/8/21 Bev Chiasson Draft PC response document containing verbiage regarding the recent town election
3/11/21 Heidi Green police records
3/15/21 Karen Graham emails between Town Council and David Mekarski and/or Sally Hankins regarding Vineyard Sq. between 3/1 and 3/15/21.
3/15/21 Valerie Cury emails regarding Vineyard Sq for the months of Dec 2020 and Feb and Mar 21 between any and all staff and Town Council
3/23/21 Ryan Cool Job description and salary for Asset Coordinator position
3/30/21 Tom Priscilla Spreadsheet of historic assets to be mapped by a consultant as mentioned by the Planning Commission at the 2/18/21 meeting
4/6/21 Bob Lazaro List of historic structures on the Cole Farm which the Town has determined as lost
4/7/21 Ryan Cool 3 months of activity reports for two Parks and Recreation positions and Asset Coordinator position
4/14/21 Mandy Dorman Listing of all FTE's, first, middle and last names, title, primary locations, date of hire and email address
5/7/21 Laurice Lewarchick Information pertaining to property for potential purchase
5/20/21 Bev Chiasson Copies of applications received for Town Council vacancy
6/7/21 Brien Roche Complaints/reports of trees falling or at risk of falling from 12/1/14-12/1/19
6/7/21 Ryan Cool Emails from any candidates for Council vacancy to any member of Council from 6/7/20-6/7/21
6/9/21 Joshua Goff Emails from Ryan Cool to any member of Council from 1/1/21 - 6/9/21
6/14/21 Erin Rayner Emails to/from Ryan Cool to staff or Council from 6/1/21-6/14/21
6/14/21 Ryan Cool Scoring sheets from TC applicant interviews
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Date Received Requestor Request
7/12/19 Donna Elliott Most recent cover sheet,  plans and ROW data sheets for Main/Maple Intersection Improvements Phase 2
7/17/19 Amy Rogers Emails/communications between Mayor, Council and Sue Ross, LVHS Principal
7/19/19 Jimmy Reynolds Printed copies of all docs from PC meetings from 6/20, 6/27, 7/11 and 7/18
7/19/19 Valerie Cury Correspondence/emails to/from Town concerning Warner property from 5/18/19-7/18/19
7/19/19 Valerie Cury Correspondence/emails regarding any demolitoin of buildings on Hatcher from 6/28/19-7/18/19
7/23/19 Kevin Archer Police records
7/26/19 Stephanie Sloan Police records
7/29/19 John Nave Detailed report showing all law suits the Town has been involved with over 15 years 
8/14/19 Dorothy Ivey Police records
8/19/19 Donna Elliott Most recent cover sheet, plans and ROW data sheets for Main/Maple Intersection Improvements Phase 2
9/10/19 Jacqueline Kramer Police records
9/17/19 Pat Nevins Map of roundabout as you enter the circle to include a quarter mile of each of the streets leading into the circle
9/30/19 Jimmy Reynolds Maps and change matrices for the focus of Town Council discussions
9/27/19 Patrick Szabo Nichols property appraisal
10/3/19 Claire Hsieh Towns 2019 public service tax rolls that are valued by the State VA Electric & Power Co. Tax bills with name, address, parcel ID, tax valuation, tax amount due and payment due date
10/16/19 Ami Neiberger Complaints filed against homeowner at 150 S. Maple Ave.
10/10/19 Patrick Szabo Documents Council had at 10/9 TC special meeting regarding the water CIP risk analysis (withdrew)
10/23/19 Valerie Cury Copy of questions submitted to Acre
10/29/19          Bev Chiasson Questions from Fitch to staff
10/31/19 Trisha Davidson Tax bills for certain parcels

11/8/19 Valerie Cury Chapman property Info. as presented at the 11/7/19 Planning Commission Meeting
11/12/19 Karen Graham Emails from 4/1/18 - 11/12/19 
11/12/19 Valerie Cury Letter that went out regarding data breach
  11/12/19 data related to data breach
11/12/19 Loretta Duvall 2019 PSC property tax bills for each corp. due 12/5/19 & any supplemental assessed bills for a state assessed property for VA Electric & Power Co.
11/13/19 Jerry Morgan Police Records
11/8/19 Elizabeth Ross Police records
11/15/19 Paul Pickett Documents pertaining to data breach incident
11/18/19 Valerie Cury Form from entity used by Town employee
11/20/19 Karen Graham Emails between Town Manager and Town Council regarding data breach from 11/4/19-11/20/19
11/21/19 Sarah Tax amounts due for 20+ parcels
11/21/19 Valerie Cury Emails/correspondence from Town Council and staff to/from B. MacDonald from 2017 to present.
11/22/19 Valerie Cury Copy of all delinquent commercial property taxes
12/2/19 Christopher Rohland What month and how many homes were impacted by stray bullets since May 2019
12/2/19 Nolan Barzee Business listings and Town locations from BPOL
12/2/18 Phillip Thompson Information on the Town's diversity programs; special efforts or programs employed by the Town to diversify its workforce; the Town's latest workforce breakdown information relating race or national origin.
11/25/19 Ms. Heiden Police records
12/11/19 Valerie Cury 2010 Catoctin Corner traffic study associated with drive through restaurant and copy of Zoning Administrators determination letter
12/12/19 Tamara Davidson Copy of Town's postage lease agreement
12/11/19 Tim Moroz Detailed database of space actively leased by the town for 2019
12/6/19 Laura Kowalczyk Police records
12/30/19 Vincent Paraspolo Property records-Maple Flats Terrace
1/3/2020 Jason Yan, Esq. Police records
1/8/2020 Bev Chiasson Copy of news release about settlement
1/14/2020 Valerie Cury Communications about nutrient and carbon credit program/application the Town is working on
1/28/2020 Andrew Sanderson Documents pertaining to data breach
1/29/2020 Bev Chiasson Copy of Vice Mayor's comments about the Sister City initiative read at the 1/28/2020 Council meeting
1/31/2020 Mary Lynn Hickey Planning Commission's final approval docs for Blue Ridge Pet Spa and Resort 
2/2/2020 James Welling Notes from PD call
12/19/19 Jason Yan Police records
2/3/2020 Christine Yevoli Police records
2/6/2020 Bev Chiasson Correspondence from D. Mekarski and/or Council to: 1) members of COLT; 2) Steve Webber; 3) Chuck Kuhn regarding Town property in which Mr. Kuhn has an interest in.
2/11/2020 Reid Joyner Policies relating to the use of force, use of body cameras and cruiser cameras
2/12/2020 Bev Chiasson Email dated 4/11/19 from Liz Krens regarding the history of rates
2/19/2020 Janell Weyer Police records
2/19/2020 Katie Flannery Police records
2/25/2020 Valerie Cury Copy of Town's insurance policy(ies) with VRSA
2/27/2020 Robert Potter Police records
3/4/2020 Lindsay Littlefield Police records
3/2/2020 Charlie Stefan Documents pertaining to zoning/rezoning of 501 W. Main Street
3/10/2020 Jonathon Prouty Police records
3/16/2020 Bev Chiasson correspondence to/from Council, staff, others regarding alleged complaint and intimidation
3/25/2020 Valerie Cury correspondence between staff and consultant regarding the comprehensive plan
3/30/2020 Scott Warner Emails sent to the Town staff or Council from Laura Ogelman from 3/1/17-3/20/20
3/30/20 Bev Chiasson Fiscal expenditure data for projects: SAE Contract/Negotiations; Aberdeen/hemp; Aberdeen/Skyscraper Farms; Aberdeen/all other; investigation lawsuits inc. staff time; 32nd St. Construction; Cell tower at WWTP
4/6/20 Reed Joyner PD Info
4/29/20 Bev Chiasson Request for senate bill regarding nutrient credits
4/30/20 Graham Moomaw Letter filed requesting extension on election and court order granting request
5/1/20 Tamara Davidson Postage equipment lease
5/5/20 Erin Rayner Analysis of Town assets
5/27/20 Karen Graham Emails between Town Council, Town Manager and Chuck Kuhn from 7/1/19-5/28/20
  Denise Schulze Emails between Town, Mark Nelis and Shea Enterprises regarding Valley Self Storage
6/1/20 Soraya Hayes Fairfax County Police Dept. records

6/17/20 Nicole Bruno Western Loudoun Park and Ride property info.
6/22/20 Power Almanac Research List of vendors in town with contact information
6/23/20 Mike O'Brien Copy of letter sent to Governor's office requesting exception for July 4 parade and Governor's response
6/23/20 Bev Chiasson Copy of letter sent to Governor's office requesting exception for July 4 parade and Governor's response