Purcellville Timeline

1700’s Purcellville area is first settled by James Dillon in mid 1700’s
1790’s Village became known as Purcell’s Store
1822 On January 28, Valentine Purcell is appointed postmaster of Purcell’s Store
1841 First known stagecoach comes through Purcell’s Store. It leaves Washington, D.C. at 4 a.m. and arrived in Winchester at 6 p.m.
1852 Purcell’s Store is renamed Purcellville on July 9.
1861 On May 29, Purcellville residents casts eighty-two votes for secession and thirty-one against.
1874 The Washington & Ohio Railroad comes to town on March 14. A sixty-by-twenty-foot railroad depot was completed in April.
1886 Phone service comes to Purcellville.
1904 First automobile seen in Purcellville.
The Tabernacle at the Bush meeting grounds is built for $2,500.
1908 Purcellville incorporates on March 14.

First town taxes: Fifty cents for every male twenty-one and over, and eleven cents on every one hundred dollars of assessed valuation.
1910 Town Council establishes first speed limit at 8 m.p.h.
The Loudoun County Emancipation Association builds their headquarters on the Emancipation Grounds.
1912 Electricity comes to Purcellville provided by a diesel powered plant. The plant also manufactures six tons of ice daily.
1914 On November 22, fire destroys most of the downtown businesses. A second fire occurs a week later.
1915 The Town Council enacts a building code in the business district requiring buildings to be erected of brick, stone, or concrete.
1920 Carrie Emerick is the first woman in Loudoun County to pay her poll tax, making her eligible to vote.
1921 The first catholic church, St. Francis de Sales, is built.
1923 The town organizes its first fire company on March 15.
1924 Installation of the first fifty-eight street lights.
1925 The Bethany Methodist church is built.
1927 The main street of Purcellville is paved.
1928 The Town Council votes to install municipal water.
1933 Prohibition is repealed in a county wide vote. Purcellville residents vote seventy-four to seventy-two to repeal.
1938 Purcellville Library is dedicated on Labor Day.
1947 The eight-room George Washington Carver School is built.
1949 The firemen provide lights at their baseball field.
1951 Passenger service on the W&OD is discontinued.
1967 Integration occurs at Emerick Elementary.
1993 Purcellville’s Library addition is completed in July.
2008 Purcellville celebrates its 100th anniversary.