Aberdeen Property

Aberdeen Property Deer Management Program

Town of Purcellville Deer Management Program Standard Operating Procedure

Nutrient Credits

October 22, 2019 Town Council Meeting Minutes - Acre Investment Management, LLC, Sale of Nutrient Credits-Aberdeen Property

December 19, 2019 Staff Report and Presentation by Acre

Acre Presentation - Value Proposition and Answers to Questions

Equestrian Facility

April 24, 2019 - The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, working with the Economic Development Advisory Committee, presented a proposal to Town Council at the April 23, 2019 Town Council Work Session to use the Aberdeen property as an equestrian facility. The three documents presented are included here.

Presentation - Multi-use Trail Design by Loudoun County Equine Association - Feb. 25, 2020 Town Council Meeting

Presentation - Aberdeen Property Working Council Document

Presentation - 2015 Loudoun Equine Economic Survey

Presentation - Users and Facility Chart (April 2019)

Groundwater Sampling - July 2018

The results of the July 2018 Aberdeen groundwater sampling show that chemicals of concern were not detected. Specifically:

  • Glyphosate (primary ingredient in Roundup) was not detected above the laboratory detection limit of 0.1 mg/L at wells PWB-3A, PWB-4B and PWB-6F.
  • Nitrate was not detected above the laboratory detection limit of 0.5 mg/L at wells PWB-3A, PWB-4B, and PWB-6F.
  • None of the pesticides or herbicides in the analyses were detected above their respective detection limits at wells PWB-3A, PWB-4B and PWB-6F.

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