Community Policing Districts

2021_0219PoliceBeatMapCommunity Policing Officers, although each police officer is responsible for Calls for Service throughout the entire town when on duty, every patrol officer has an assigned Community Policing District. The goal is to provide better communication between the police department, town residents, and business owners. Below is the list of the eight community policing districts (depicted on the map above), along with the name and contact information of the officers assigned to each district.

This contact information is available in order to personalize our outreach efforts. A resident or business owner may contact these officers for such reasons: to answer questions, share concerns, invite the officer or our department to a community meeting (including HOA meetings) or event.

These contact emails are not to request the dispatch of a police officer for a police related incident. To have an officer dispatched to a law enforcement incident please call the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency dispatch number: 703-777-1021 or in case of an emergency, 911. 

Our police officers work a rotating schedule and do step away from their duties for training as well as vacation time. For an immediate answer to a situation, but does not need a law enforcement response, we encourage the use of our administrative number during regular business hours: 540-338-7422.

  • GATEWAY (710) & CROOKED RUN (720)

Sgt. E. Bridge

Off. A. Burkett


Sgt. R. Wagner

Cpl. R. Starkey 

  • EMERICK (740) & BLUE RIDGE (760) 

Sgt. D. Camp

Off. M. Dickson


Sgt. P. Kakol