Let Your Voice Be Heard

​- Brainstorm With the Community and Vote on Policy Topics -

The Town Council needs your input, and they have initiated two new ways to invite citizen feedback.

First, you can help us by brainstorming on new ideas and topics. Ideas include Transportation Improvements, Efficiency of Town Services, Open Space, Recreation, and more! Head on over to our Community Voice Portal and see how you can suggest new ideas, comment on others' ideas, and vote up and down. The more you engage, the more your ideas will move to the top!

Secondly, the Town has partnered with Polco to create a site where the Town can receive real-time feedback from citizens on issues facing the Town. This easy-to-use site allows the Town to create quick polls of citizens on any number of topics, such as the community’s desire for additional amenities, voting on branding for the Town, and feedback on policy issues facing the Town Council. Voting on topics is quick and easy and requires a one-time user registration. The Polco system uses data verification to breakdown responses by those living in the Town and those living outside of the Town. All results will be captured and shared with Town Council in both the aggregate and separated by resident/non-resident.

Visit the Polco site at this link to see all questions related to Purcellville. Current questions are also embedded below!

Community Engagement

Visit this page to find other ways to get engaged in your community! You can learn about Council Meetings, serving on an advisory board, or sign up to receive News Alerts!