Snow Removal


During a snow or ice event, vehicles, trailers, basketball hoops, trash cans and any other obstacles should be removed from the roadway. Crews are responsible for clearing the roadways to the edge of pavement or the curb. Obstructions delay the overall operations.

The Town of Purcellville Maintenance staff is responsible for removing snow and ice on Town streets with the exception of Main Street (Bus. Route 7), Berlin Turnpike (Route 287) and Hirst Road (from Route 287 to Hatcher Avenue). These roadways are maintained by VDOT. In addition, certain neighborhoods are responsible for their own streets. A map of the Town's snow plowing areas is available at this link. If your street is not color-coded on that map, then your community/HOA is responsible for clearing those streets.

The primary objective is to clear the main streets, followed by primary roads with secondary subdivision and cul-de-sacs last. Every attempt is made to initially provide one passable lane. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, crews will work with emergency personnel to provide additional access.

It is strongly advised that you wait until the storm is over and significant plowing has been done on your street before removing
snow from your driveway apron. Several passes are needed to clear a roadway. Crews cannot avoid pushing snow back onto your driveway apron, nor can they clear the apron for you. Therefore it is best to wait until the plowing activities have ceased before shoveling the end of your driveway. Snow from private driveways, business, or parking areas should NOT be pushed into the street.


And as a reminder, Town Ordinance Sec. 70-81 requires sidewalks to be cleared by occupants or owners after a snowfall. Please help keep Purcellville a walk-able community. If ice is present and cannot be removed, it should be covered with sand, kitty litter, ashes or other substance that make for safe passage. For questions or more information, contact the Town of Purcellville Public Works Department at (540) 338-7440 ext 221.  For snow emergencies, contact (540) 454-3629.