Special Event Permit Information & Application


On October 27, 2015, the Town Council approved a new Events Ordinance (see here for full Ordinance language). The Town had spent the prior year crafting an Events Ordinance in order to (a) establish a structured process for evaluating the impact of Events on the public, (b) coordinate Town services provided to Events, (c) assess and collect fees to offset the cost to the Town of Events, (d) ensure the health and safety of Event patrons, (e) protect the rights and interests granted the holder of an Event Permit, (f) create a class of itinerant merchants - itinerant merchants who sell only at Events that are subject to a valid Events Permit - who will not be required to pay the Town’s Business, Professional, and Occupational License Tax, and (g) to exempt all vendors at Events that are subject to a valid Events Permit from collecting and remitting the Town’s Meals Tax.

What is an Event?

You may have questions about what does and does not qualify as an "event" and is or is not governed by the Events Ordinance. The flowchart available at this link will provide information and guidance. [Events Flowchart]

Further questions can be directed to our Parks and Recreation Division at 540-338-7421.

What are my Obligations if I have an Event?

You will need to apply for an Events Permit if your event qualifies as an Event under the Town's Ordinance (see here for full Ordinance language). An application should be submitted at least 120 days prior to your special event. You can still submit an application within 120 days of your event, but you may be assessed an additional review fee and/or your application may be denied at the discretion of staff. (See Ordinance 6-3 (E) for more information.)

Online Event Application

The Event Permit Application Form is now available at this link. You may also reach out directly to our Parks and Recreation Division
at 540-338-7421 if you have questions or would like to fill out a paper copy.

The fee schedule for an Event is as follows:
  • Event Permit Application Review Fee: $75.00
  • Street Closure Fee for Events: $100.00 per day or portion thereof
  • Town Events Specialist: $30.00 per hour (for event planning services beyond application review and processing)
  • Public Works Fee for Events: Up to $65 per employee per hour
  • Town Police Fee for Events: Up to $65 per officer per hour

How do I Request a Donation of Town Services or Town Funds for my Event?

The Town Council may elect to contribute cash or services to an Event, when the Event is organized and paid for by a charitable organization. These contributions must be approved by a majority of Town Council as part of the Town’s annual budget, which is adopted in late spring each year.

Applications for such funds or services must be submitted to the Town no later than December 31st of the calendar year preceding the Event in order to be considered for adoption in the annual budget.

The application form for donations is currently being developed. If you wish to apply for a donation of funds or services for an Event occurring in 2016, please contact our Parks and Recreation Division at 540-338-7421. (See Ordinance 6-8(B) for more information.)