2015 Citizen Survey

2015 Citizen Survey


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In July 2015, the Town of Purcellville surveyed its citizens to obtain vital information and a snapshot of the overall level of satisfaction of the citizens of Purcellville. The Town, with assistance by Boy Scout Troops 39, 163, 711 and 969, distributed a survey letter with a unique number to all Town residences. The Town was broken down by 4 quadrants and split up among the 4 Boy Scout Troops. The quadrants were (1) North of Main Street, West of Hatcher, (2) North of Main Street, East of Hatcher, (3) South of Main Street, West of 20th Street, and (4) South of Main Street, East of 20th Street.

The unique survey number on the letter was established to authenticate the user as a Town resident and since the distribution was randomly spread out by the Boy Scouts, this kept the survey responses 100% anonymous. There were a total 370 responses or 14% of all 2600 households in the Town of Purcellville that were distributed to. There were 36 responses, or 10%, to question #1 that asked for the unique number that were inconsistent with the computer generated numbers. Even though these survey numbers were inconsistent, they were still included in the overall analysis. While the flyers were distributed to all households, wind or other factors may have led to citizens not obtaining a letter. There was also multiple Town issuances of press releases as well as newspaper articles that made Citizens aware of ways to access a survey letter in case they did not receive one or their letter was misplaced.

With this unique survey number, the Town residents accessed the survey located on the Town website on the main page identified in Red. Question 1 asked for the survey number that was printed on the letter. The rest of the survey was established with input from Town Council Members and the Mayor to solicit the overall rating and comments about Purcellville. The survey had questions about Town Services & Staff, Loudoun County Services, Taxes, Government & Elected Officials, General Town, and Website/Information.

Objectives of this Survey were to obtain direct citizen feedback because ultimately it is the citizens that we serve. The survey is a means to provide valuable feedback from citizens and to establish ways to improve our local government to ensure the citizens quality of life indicators as objectively as possible; evaluate satisfaction with services from the vantage point of those being served; determine reasons for dissatisfaction in order to guide Town action to improve services; obtain information about citizen satisfaction with the courtesy and helpfulness of Town employees and the appropriateness and timeliness of their responses to citizen requests; find out the usefulness of the Town’s methods to communicate with citizens; and determine which services the citizens are most pleased with and why. The Town will conduct a similar survey periodically and use the information to develop objectives as well as on-going continuous improvement plans, and to measure future surveys using this one as a basis.

The Appendix includes the complete survey results and verbatim responses for open ended questions that were compiled using SurveyMonkey™.

Key Findings
Based on an analysis of the survey data, the following are key findings:
Respondents were asked to indicate how they rate Town services including Police, Administration (Town Manager’s Office), Public Works, Public Utilities, Refuse and Waste Collection, Finance, and Community Development. The options presented for each service included ‘Very Satisfied,’ ‘Satisfied,’ ‘Somewhat Concerned,’ and ‘Dissatisfied.’ When analyzing the graphs and answers, you also must take into account the numbers behind the percentages, eg. Loudoun County ambulance service got a 100% satisfactory rating, however only 1 citizen responded to that question. Please see Appendix for the raw data behind the percentages.

Citizen Survey Summary:
The Town has an overall satisfactory rating in many of the services it provides.
  • Snow Removal on Local Streets – 90% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Trash Pick Up – 92% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Recycling – 91% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Law Enforcement – 83% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Water and Wastewater – 41% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Special Events – 92% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Responses and Resolutions to Citizens – 68% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Walking Paths/Sidewalks – 77% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Road and Street Maintenance – 84% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • General Town Notices – 82% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
The County has an overall satisfactory rating the services we asked about as well.
  • Main Street Snow Removal & Cleanup – 92% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Berlin Turnpike Snow Removal & Cleanup – 91% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Fire and Rescue – 99% Satisfied/Very Satisfied
  • Ambulance – 100% Satisfied/Very Satisfied ** only 1 citizen responded
Overall, Citizens have a 77% satisfactory rate when it come to the current utilization of Purcellville tax dollars towards their services provided.

Overall, Citizens have a 79% satisfactory rate of how the Town Government cares about them.

Overall, Citizens have a 77% satisfactory rate in providing information on matters that affect them.

Approximately 54% of the citizens surveyed have attended a Council, Committee, Commission or Board meeting in Town.

Overall, 75% of Citizens have an access to Town officials and staff when there are concerns.

Overall, 85% of Citizens who have interaction with Town Staff, feel that the staff treats the customers courteously and perform their jobs in a professional manner.

Overall, 79% of Citizens feel informed about the Town and its Services.

Overall, 78% of Citizens feel that the website is user friendly and navigated.

The Citizens of Purcellville would prefer to get their information via these resources in order by percentages.
  1. Online, as a subset, Facebook and Twitter could be utilized to better serve the citizens
  2. Local Newspapers
  3. Quarterly Town Newsletter
  4. Inserts in Water Bill
  5. Text Messages
  6. Council Member Newsletters (** only 1 citizen responded)
Citizens look forward to receiving information about these items in order of percentages.
  1. Development Items
  2. Events
  3. Council Decisions
  4. Public Policy
  5. Finances
  6. Sports
In terms of balancing a budget, Citizens preferred these methods, in order of percentages, to meet challenges.
  1. Increasing Revenue from Non-Tax sources (currently a priority with Council)
  2. Reduce the Cost of Running Operations
  3. Reducing or Eliminating Services
  4. Combination of Reducing/Eliminating Services and Raising Taxes
  5. Raising Taxes
Overall Citizens are 88% satisfied with the parking accommodations/improvements at Fireman’s Field.

Overall, 80% of Citizens have attended an event at Fireman’s Field. Of these citizens, 71% attended both sports and special events and 29% attended sports only.

The Top 5 ways to improve the Level of Satisfaction with our Citizens, in no specific order, are:
  1. Lower the Water/Sewer rates
  2. Control Growth
  3. Maintain a Small Town Atmosphere
  4. More Recreation
  5. Lower Taxes
  6. Listen to Citizens
There were many comments about listening to Citizens. We currently review and listen to all Citizen concerns. There are many avenues of which we can be reached. Email, meetings, walking through local shops in the community, etc.

Of the Town Services Most and Least satisfied with, here are the top 5 items in no specific order.
Most Satisfied – Snow Removal, Events, Trash Pick-up, Police and Staff

Least Satisfied – Water/Sewer Costs, Taxes, Police, Trash Pick-up and Development
The top 5 reasons that Citizens decided to move to Purcellville are Affordable Housing, Schools, Small Town feel, raising a Family and Jobs.

The top 3 biggest issues that Citizens feel the Town has are Debt, Water/Sewer Rates and Development.

Some additional information that Citizens would like to see on the Town website are Votes by Council, More info about Projects in Town, and Financials.

Citizens feel that these are the Top 3 items that should be the priorities of Council.
  1. Lower Water/Sewer Rates
  2. Smart Growth
  3. Taxes
The top 3 ways Citizens feel about funding new projects are Meals Tax and BPOL Tax, Development/Proffers/User Fees, and Grants.

This survey is a great snapshot of how Citizens feel today. The Town has gone through many changes. It is important that we stay in touch with our Citizens and local Government Officials to project the path of Purcellville in the future.

Thank you to all the Citizens who took time out of their busy day to give us the feedback we are looking for!