Brown Property CPA14-01 and RZ14-04

Page Updated: December 5, 2014

Joint Town Council and Planning Commission Public Hearing: December 9, 2014

Application Information

CPA14-01 - Town-initiated comprehensive plan amendment incorporating 10.09 acres into Future Land Use Map with a designation of Agricultural/Tourist Commercial
RZ14-04 - Town-initiated rezoning of 10.09 acres from X, Transitional to AC, Agricultural Conservancy/Commercial

Initiation Date: October 14, 2014 by Resolution No. 14-10-02

Staff Reports
Preliminary for Planning Commission - November 19, 2014
Joint Public Hearing - December 3, 2014

Agreement After Certificate (Settlement Agreement)
Aerial Overview Exhibit
Resolution No. 14-10-02
Estimates of Water Use and Vehicle Trips by Land Use for RZ14-04