Yard Waste Collection Instructions

Yard waste collected includes reasonable amounts of leaves, grass clippings and tree, shrub and bush limbs, branches and trimmings generated only on-site. A “reasonable” amount means a maximum of one yard waste can or container or a total of 4 bio-degradable yard waste paper bags and a maximum of 3 tightly secured bundles of limbs or branches.

Leaves and grass clippings (1 can or container or 4 bag limit)
Place leaves and grass clippings in bio-degradable paper recycling bags only. You may also use a personal can for yard debris if the can or container is clearly marked as “Yard Waste.” “Yard Waste Only” decals to identify the container are available free of charge at the Town Hall during regular business hours. Yard waste bags and containers cannot exceed 50 pounds.

Weekly Residential Tree, shrub and bush trimmings (3 bundle limit) –

Limbs, branches, brush and other trimmings can be no longer than four feet in length and three inches in diameter. All limbs, branches and trimmings must be securely tied in a bundle with strong rope or twine. Each limb or branch bundle can be no wider than an arm’s length and no heavier than 50 pounds. A maximum of 3 bundles will be collected each week. Loose piles of limbs, branches, brush and trimmings will not be collected!

Please place yard waste bundles curbside in a manner that does not block the public right of way including sidewalks or placed on a roadway or street.

Storm damage, tree and landscape work (in excess of three bundles of material) –

Removal of significant amounts of limbs, branches, brush or fallen trees and shrubs caused by storm damage or other hazards is the responsibility of the property owner unless the Town is declared an official Disaster Area and community-wide clean-up efforts are initiated.

Removal of significant amounts of limbs, branches, brush and other trimmings generated due to tree and/or landscape work will not be collected and is the responsibility of the property owner.

No dirt, soil, rocks, stones, bricks, concrete, sod, mulch or construction or demolition debris of any type will be collected.