Recycling Collection Instructions

The Town of Purcellville utilizes “Single Stream Recycling” collection. Collection is conducted curbside each Wednesday.

Please use the links below for detailed information on “Single Stream Recycling” and the materials that will be collected –

What Materials Can Be Recycled?


Recycling Container Information

65 Gallon Recycling Carts – Town residents who receive weekly curbside recycling collection may request delivery of a new 65 gallon cart by contacting the Town’s refuse and recycling contractor, American Disposal Services. To request a cart, call American at 1-866-884-8700 Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Please note: The carts remain the property of American Disposal and must be left at the residence when a resident moves away from Town. There is a charge payable by the resident for each recycling cart issued to the resident that is lost, missing, defaced, or damaged beyond repair due to the resident’s negligence. American will repair or replace recycling carts that become broken or damaged due to normal wear and tear or weather events at no additional charge. Residents may return the recycling carts to the American Disposal upon notice to the contractor.
New 65 Gallon Recycling Cart.jpg
18 Gallon Recycling Bins are available, one per Town household, while supplies last. At this time, lids for the bins are not available. To obtain a recycling bin, please go to the Town Hall located at: 

221 South Nursery Avenue
Purcellville, VA 20132
(540) 338-7421

Business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, excluding holidays.

Other Recycling Cans and Carts - Residents may also utilize their own plastic or metal cans or carts for recycling. Cans and carts cannot exceed 65 gallons in size and must be fitted with secure covers. All cans and carts must be clearly marked with a “Recycling Symbol” so collection crews can easily distinguish them from refuse containers. The Town provides recycling stickers to mark your can or cart; please go to the Town Hall during normal business hours.