Comprehensive Planning

The Department of Community Development is responsible for implementing and administering the long term planning and land use goals for the Town. The major document associated with this task is the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is an adopted set of policies and goals for the future development of the Town of Purcellville. The Plan is drafted, updated, and overseen by the Planning Commission and is adopted by the Town Council.

The Town’s Comprehensive Plan consists of the Plan itself (adopted in December 2006) along with any amendments approved by the Council. The Plan also includes the Town Wide Transportation Plan and the Downtown Master Plan.

The Code of Virginia requires the Town review the Comprehensive Plan at least every five years and update the Plan as necessary. The Town adopted the current Plan in 2006 and is currently reviewing and updating the plan.

**On June 30, 2020, the Town adopted its current comprehensive plan known as Plan Purcellville 2030 which can be viewed here.

Property owners may also submit amendments (see below for application) to the Comprehensive Plan for individual parcels or areas of Town. Typically, individual Plan amendments are submitted in conjunction with rezoning applications where the requested zoning district does not comply with the proposed future land use identified by the current Comprehensive Plan.

2009 Adopted Town-wide Transportation Plan

Downtown Master Plan

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application

Purcellville Urban Growth Area Management Plan (PUGAMP)

The Town occasionally holds planning or design charrettes (intensive workshops/sessions in which citizens, designers and others collaborate on a vision for development) to gather input and opinions from interested parties on specific areas or developments. Many of the Town’s charrettes have resulted in adopted special area plans (such as the Downtown Master Plan) or have been incorporated into the development plans of a particular property.

2003 Purcellville Downtown Charrette Report

Schonder-Rust Design Charrette Report

Loudoun Valley Shopping Center Design Charrette Report

2010 Eastern Gateway Charrette Presentation