Zoning is “the process of classifying land within a locality into areas and districts” (Code of Virginia Section 15.2-2201) in order to prescribe regulations concerning building and structure designs, placement, and land uses for each district or “zone.” The Zoning Ordinance, which was first adopted in 1952, promotes the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of the residents and land owners of the Town of Purcellville. It also aids the Town in implementing the policies of the Comprehensive Plan. Department staff administers and interprets the Zoning Ordinance and the Land Development and Subdivision Control Ordinance in addition to issuing permits, processing violation complaints, and processing zoning map and ordinance amendments. For more information on zoning, occupancy and sign permits, please see the Land Development and Construction page or contact the Department at 540-338-2304.

Zoning Map (Updated 3/30/2018)
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Board of Zoning Appeals
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Zoning Map Amendments/Rezonings

Zoning Map Amendments (also known as rezonings) are legislative applications which request a change in zoning district of a parcel within the Corporate Limits to another zoning district established by the Zoning Ordinance. The Town of Purcellville may initiate an amendment to the Zoning Map although requests are more commonly initiated by the property owner. Complete application packages generally consist of the application form, a concept plan, a statement of justification, a traffic analysis (if required), and a rezoning plat. A pre-application meeting with the staff is highly recommended prior to submission.

For more information, consult the Rezoning Application Package or call (540)338-2304.

Zoning Violations

The Department is also responsible for the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance and the evaluation of alleged zoning violation complaints. Violation complaints are submitted to the Town’s Zoning Official who investigates the possible violation and, if a violation exists, works with the property owner to abate the violation and bring the property into conformance with the applicable Zoning Ordinance requirements. For more information on violations, or to file a complaint, please call 540-0338-2304.
Zoning Violation Complaint Form

Zoning Administrator Decisions

Catoctin Corner - 7-31-15

Catoctin Corner 2 - 9-16-15

RSR Gateway Annexation

Zoning Determination Table