Water Conservation

Purcellville has a Water Conservation Plan that consists of incentive based measures and ordinance based measures. The incentive based measures include free low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators, shower timers, toilet leak detection dye tablets, and restaurant kitchen spray nozzles.  There is a Drought Response and Contingency Ordinance (Water Emergency Ordinance) with three response levels; Watch, Warning, and Emergency. The Watch and Warning levels call for voluntary water conservation and the Emergency level requires mandatory water restrictions. The various response levels are initiated by several triggers such as the reservoir level, NOAA Index, demand level, wells or tank out of service, and/or a major waterline break. There is also a Town ordinance that denies or discontinues service to a customer due to a waterline break on the customer’s property.

Important Information

Town of Purcellville WaterSense Web Page
Water Conservation Plan Prepared by CH2MHill

Conservation Brochures

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