Wastewater System

The Basham Simms Wastewater Facility was built in 2002 and upgraded for advanced nutrient removal and increased capacity to 1.5 mgd in 2010. The average daily wastewater flow is 575,000 gallons per day. There are about 35 miles of sewer lines including 2.5 miles of force mains, four town maintained pump stations and four private pump stations. The treatment process includes coarse screening, grit removal, primary clarification, fine screening, enhanced nutrient removal in a membrane biological reactor, and ultraviolet radiation disinfection.

Protect Your Pipes

Here are some important information about our wastewater system.
  • Everything you flush down a toilet or down a sink goes through the sewer system to pump stations, which must pump the waste to our Wastewater Treatment Plant on S. 20th Street. It is important that you DO NOT put the following items down your pipes:
    • Wipes (even flushable wipes)
    • Diapers
    • Feminine Products
    • Grease, oils, fats
    • Prescription Drugs
    • Visit Protect Your Pipes for more information!

Contact Information

Basham Simms Wastewater Facility: 540-338-4945
Basham Simms Wastewater Facility Fax: 540-338-0369
Wastewater Operations/Maintenance/Service Questions: 540-338-7440 x221
Wastewater Engineering & Design Questions: 540-338-5024

Important Documents

Reducing Grease in the Sewer Lines
Sanitary Waste Survey
Water and Sewer Lateral Maintenance Policy
Business Utility Form
Water and Wastewater Rates & Fees
Facility Standards Manual
Grease, Grit Interceptor Policy and Program
Grease, Grit Interceptor Policy and Program Brochure

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