Water System

Purcellville obtains its water from surface water and ground water as described below. The surface water source is the J.T. Hirst Reservoir, built about 1955, which has an operational capacity of 300,000 gallons per day (gpd). The storage capacity of the reservoir is about 29 million gallons. The reservoir is filled by three primary water springs: Harris Spring, Potts Spring, and Cooper Spring. Cooper Spring is piped (gravity line) to a 12-inch pipe just below the reservoir which carries water to the water treatment plant for filtration. The Harris and Potts springs flow directly into the J.T. Hirst Reservoir. Groundwater sources include: the Nature Park Well System, the Main Street Well System, Mountain View Well, Jeffries Well and Marsh Well. The Virginia Department of Health permitted capacity (i.e., maximum permitted yield) of the water system, including the reservoir and wells, is 974,000 gallons per day. The 2019 average daily demand was approximately 560,000 gallons per day, and the 2019 maximum daily demand was 822,080 gallons per day. The Town owns 1,272 acres around the reservoir and three springs, including much of the watershed for the reservoir.
The water treatment plant, constructed in 1986, consists of a high rate water filtration plant with chemical addition capabilities. Chemical treatment includes aluminum sulfate for filter performance, chlorine for disinfection, fluoride for tooth decay, potassium permanganate for iron and manganese control, and phosphate for water system corrosion control. There are two water tanks in the system; one has a capacity of 200,000 gallons and the other 1.0 million gallons. There are 47 miles of pipeline in the system. The plant has a capacity of 600,000 gpd but is limited to 300,000 gpd by the reservoir capacity. Currently, there are 2,657 residential and 332 commercial customers. Water bills are mailed every two months and there is an option for online payment.

Water Conservation

Using water wisely is a responsible action by all residents and businesses. It help the long-term viability of our water supply and it helps you reduce costs. Check our our Water Conservation page for more information and helpful tips.

Contact Information

Water Treatment Facility: 540-338-2513

Water Quality Complaints: 540-338-2513

Water Service and High Usage Complaints: 540-338-7440 x221

Water Billing Questions - Finance: 540-338-7093
Water Engineering & Design Questions: 540-338-5024

Information on Fluoride and Your Drinking Water

Please see this page for more information about the Town's use of sodium fluoride in the drinking water, as recommended by HHS and the CDC.

Important Documents

Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP)

Water and Wastewater Rates & Fees

Water Emergency Ordinance

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