Purcellville Community Garden

Community garden logo 3The Purcellville Community Garden park was established in 2012. Recognizing that not all residents have the space to garden, this park was established with community garden plots which are available to rent for $30 a year. Apply online by April 17 to reserve a plot!

Plots are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.  Additional prospective renters will be placed on a waiting list.  As plots become available, those on the waitlist will be notified.  Only one plot is available per household.  Any unclaimed plots remaining after all registrants have been assigned a plot will be offered to any registered gardener as a second plot for a full additional fee.

The Purcellville Community Garden is an organic garden.  Chemical pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers are forbidden.  Animal manure based fertilizers are also forbidden due to the presence of nearby well.   Organic soil amendments and pest remedies such as vegetable compost, etc. may be used instead.  

Read all of the rules for renting and maintaining a plot in the Purcellville Community Garden.  

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