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Purcellville PopUp Sale - Vendor Location Form

  1. The Town of Purcellville is promoting a Town-wide Yard Sale, where businesses and residents may sell items throughout the Columbus Day Weekend, October 8-9, 2016. All businesses and residents taking advantage of this opportunity are asked to submit their information below. Business information will be shared with the public, including business name, location, phone number, and description of goods being sold. Residential information shared with the public will be limited to address and type of goods being sold. Contact information is for use by staff and will not be shared with the public.

  2. Please note that there is NO CENTRAL LOCATION for vendors, as in years past. You may sell goods at your place of business, at your residence, or (if you are from outside of Town) by coordinating with another business or resident. The Town is not organizing any central location for vendors, nor does the Town accept responsibility for any arrangement made between private entities.

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    For residential locations, please indicate whether you will be open Saturday, Sunday, or select both.

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